Unique Features

What sets The Vineyards of Fredonia apart from other apartment homes?
The Vineyards of Fredonia strives to create a unique and unparalleled living environment for its residents. From the owners, to the architects, to the construction company and landscape architects, no detail has been overlooked.
Everyone involved with The Vineyards of Fredonia works tirelessly to find ways to make your new apartment home better, more secure, quieter and more attractive. In short, we want to make your home PERFECT!
This page is dedicated to showing you some of the inner-workings of your apartment building. Below are pictures and descriptions of some of the features we offer and about which you may not even be aware. We want to share these “little details” with you because we believe attention to detail is one of the key features to making your apartment house a true home!


Sound Protection

  • These sound dampening bars have been installed in the ceilings of each entire apartment.
  • The bars act as an additional barrier to sound. They will absorb sound from neighbors and the outside.

Sprinkler System

  • Each apartment is equipped with a sprinkler system. If the temperature in your apartment reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit, the sprinkler system is activated, protecting you and your home from undue fire damage.
  • As you hover over the picture to your left, you can see the orange sprinkler in the center of the ceiling of the master bedroom.
  • This picture shows how the orange sprinkler pipe is installed in the wall.

Double Wall Protection

  • This picture shows two rows of wall studs and insulation that separate each apartment.
  • You DO NOT share a wall with your neighbor, ensuring sound-proofing, better insulation and privacy.
  • As soon as you step into The Vineyards, you will notice how quiet it is in each apartment!

Easy-Cleaning Windows

  • The double hung windows at The Vineyards of Fredonia tilt inward for easy cleaning.


Fire Guarded Protection

  • Your apartment home is guarded with many levels of fire protection.
  • Hovering over the two pictures at the right, you can see the orange fire-guarding protectant used where electric wires meet wood to protect you from fire within your own home.
  • All apartments have a fire-wall separating you from your neighbors. This will ensure that any fires will not spread between apartments.


Closet Space
Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment understands the importance of storage space! With this in mind, The Vineyards of Fredonia has made every opportunity to capitalize on closet and storage space!
In the first floor apartments, you will note that the space under the stairs has been utilized as an additional storage space.
Each apartment has an extra deep and extra wide garage! You will be amazed at the storage possibilities here!
An extra large closet is provided in the Master Bedroom!
All apartments have main entry closets.