Floor Plan #1

Overview – Floor Plan #1

Floor plan #1 represents what is typical of the Upper With Fireplace and Lower with Fireplace apartments, but individual apartments may vary.

Floor Plan 1

Floor Plan 1

* Floor Plan 1 Notes – buildings 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10:

  • The LOWER unit master bedrooms measure 21×14.
  • The UPPER unit master bedrooms now measure 17×14.
  • This change in the floor plan alters the size of the closet, and placement of the utility room, but provides additional bedroom space. Stop by and we’d be happy to show you.

LOWER with Fireplace Unit- Living Area
  • This picture shows a view from the Laundry Room doorway, looking into the Living and Dining Room space.
  • The chandelier notes a good placement for your dining room table.
  • Hover over the picture to see a view of the UPPER FRONT Living Area.

LOWER Unit- Master Bedroom Porch
  • This picture shows the sliding glass doors and the outdoor light outside your Master Bedroom.
  • Only the LOWER units have a porch. Upper units have a double window.

LOWER – Unit Entry
  • The LOWER Unit has two porches!
  • This picture is of the porch and main entry into the LOWER apartment.
  • NOTE–All lower units have 2-car garages.
  • You will see the convenient main entry closet, adjacent to your main entrance!
  • The 2nd photo shows you the INTERIOR view of this picture.

LOWER – Kitchen
  • The cabinets were purchased from The Kitchen Gallery in Fredonia, NY.
  • Each apartment comes with a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher.
  • The light wood cabinets bring a bright, fresh look to the apartment homes.

Additional Closet Space in LOWER Unit
  • Underneath the stairs, the architect has utilized every bit of extra space to provide additional storage.
  • The doorway to the left leads to your 2-car garage.

UPPER with Fireplace: Living Room and Balcony
  • This picture shows the balcony and double, sliding doors leading to outside on the UPPER with Fireplace Unit.
  • All units have gas fireplaces.

Garage Entry
  • This door leads to your two-car garage and the door to the left opens to the pantry for your kitchen.
  • Between the two doors you can see the DFT Security System panel found in each apartment.
  • If you would like to purchase the Security System, your apartment will have an added level of protection and security.
  • The panel is located next to your garage entry way to provide easy access and security.

Guest Bathroom
  • In the lower units, you will find a cherry vanity with a porcelain sink.
  • Individual units may have shower rods or doors as shower enclosures.

Laundry Roomlaundry room
  • Both the LOWER and UPPER with Fireplace units come with a Laundry Room with a washer and dryer.
  • UPPER with Fireplace units are enclosed in a closet storage area.
  • The washer and dryer provided by The Vineyards of Fredonia are electric. However, there are hook-ups for both gas and electric appliances in case you have your own.

LOWER Master Bedroom 
  • This photo shows the LOWER Master Bedroom and it’s sliding doors out to the patio.

Ready to Take the Next Step?
  • When you have decided on the floor plan that best suits your needs, please click here for the next step in making The Vineyards of Fredonia Apartments your new home!